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Translation Technology

We believe that technology can help in the process of translation.

As a result, we’ve built our own technologies and plugged it in with the best modules available for certain tasks to create a fully unified system.

While it cannot fully replace the knowledge and expertise of experienced linguists, it can certainly help the flow of efficiency, allowing for more clients to be served in an efficient and timely manner.

Our technology allows for our linguists to stay completely and fully focused on your translation needs, without the interruption of administrative or minute tasks. This technology is both unique and innovative and allows us to serve you in the best way possible. It proves to help translations remain effective, efficient, and timely.

As part of the TranslateMedia’s mission to fulfill the requirements and goals of all of our clients, we have developed several technology based mechanisms to help our linguists through the translation process in an attempt to get translations done in the most efficient way possible. In using these mechanisms, TranslateMedia is ensuring that costs and quality remain at the forefront of our mission to satisfy all clients.


We have developed our very own technology, known as the STREAM Translation Workflow Technology, which helps us to manage and sort the large volume of translation requests that we receive. This technology helps us to maintain the highest levels of quality throughout the translation process.

We built this technology ourselves and have proven to have been one of the very first translation services to do so. While other services have begun to develop their own unique technologies, we have had five years to fine tune our mechanisms to best serve our clients and we continue to improve our technology.

While our STREAM technology allows our linguists to manage your requests in the most efficient and effective way possible, it also offers our clients several services as well.

This technology allows clients to receive instant quotes, rates, and discounts. It also allows clients to order their translations and immediately posts the work to assigned linguists. It tracks all work, saves previous translations, and allows for editing and approving of your translations.  This technology serves our customers by better allowing our linguists to focus on translations rather than administrative tasks but also gives our clients access to their translations as they are created and finished.

For more information on the evolution of interpretation technologies, the many available technologies, and exactly how they work to fill your needs, please visit the following website:

The following website also shows some of the first information surrounding machine language translation services:

There are several mechanisms by which our linguists help to finish your translations in the best way possible. By allowing our professionals to focus exclusively on your translations and interpretation requests, you are ensured not only the fastest turnaround time but also the most appropriate and effective translations.

Our goal is always to ensure that the client’s goals are met, if not entirely exceeded. Our latest advancements in technology only serve to help us reach that end goal and keep our customers satisfied and happy.

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